Forge: a place where objects are made by heating and shaping metal.
Forged Youth: a conference where young adults are discipled and encouraged in the Word of God to live for Him.

A conference for all the 16 – 30 yrs of age. Married couples welcome. Kids 2 and under welcome with parents who are responsible for their own children. We do encourage children to be babysat so that the parents can make the most of the conference.

Thank you for your time visiting Forged Youth, a Keswick Youth Conference.

The planning team for Forged Youth is made up of:

    • Mark & Abigail Richardson
    • John & Alyce Bills
    • Morris & Micah Prinsloo
    • Joel & Leah Vallance
    • Esther Wieske
    • John & Tricia Wieske

For any questions you may have contact us aon our Facebook page (ForgedYouthConference).